Sharing economy R&D network

The Finnish R&D network on sharing economy is a discussion and collaboration forum connecting civic, governmental, business and research actors interested in sharing/collaborative/you name it - economy.

The aim of the network is to increase understanding about sharing/collaborative/etc. economy and support knowledge-based development of sharing economy in Finland. Sharing economy is used as an umbrella term referring to phenomena also discussed with terms such as collaborative, platform, access, gig, commons, solidarity, civic and P2P economy.

The network creates opportunities for networking, shares and discusses knowledge on sharing economy, studies problems faced and caused by sharing economy, develops suggestions for improvements and encourages visioning a desirable future of sharing economy. It organizes events, experiments and other activities arising from the needs of the network members.

The activities of the network are coordinated by a coordination group including members from Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Prime Minister’s Office, Finnish Tax Administration, SITRA, VTT Technical Research Centre, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, Universities of Helsinki, Tampere and Lapland, Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Coreorient Ltd and Sharetribe Ltd.

The network was established in 2017. It has an email list (posts in Finnish) and a Facebook group, Jakamistalouden T&K -verkosto, which anyone interested can join. You are welcome to discuss in the group also in English. In Twitter we use the networks's hashtag #jatke. 

For more information, you are welcome to contact Pasi Mäenpää or Maija Faehnle